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  • Aspyclean

    Suction unit for dental polishing lathe machines, highly ergonomic, allowing the operator to perform easily and safely all the polishing operations. The powerful and silent suction system with built-in filters guarantees a healthy work environment.

    The equipment is provided with double workstation with the possibility of excluding one station and double the suction capacity on the other. The intense lighting of the working area and a capacious brush holding compartment complete the outfit.

  • M2line

    Silent and reliable 2-speed bench-type polishing lathe. Equipped with safety device against any accidental start of the motor.

    The double speed allows an efficient performance both during removal operations (low speed), and polishing operations (high speed).

  • AM 28 suction unit

    AM28 suction unit can be used on sandblasters, microsandblasters, workbenches, high speed grinders and any other situation where it is necessary to have a powerful, silent and adjustable suction unit.