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  • Kepler

    Kepler is not only a laser machine but a fully configurable welding platform .

    Power, connectivity, optic aggregate and cooling circuit system make it one of a kind.

    MMC (Multiple machine control)

    Possibility to control the machine through various devices(joystick, mouse, touch-screen).

    DCS (Digital Connection System)

    Ethernet and Wifi connection to the web for remote diagnostic or data exchange.

    DMS (Digital Magnification System)

    ASB (Automatic Stand-By)

    LAD (Local Automatic Diagnosys)

    Detection and warning of the working anomalies on the display of the machine.

    RAD (Remote Automatic Diagnosys)

    Metal housing

  • Galileo

    70 JOULE effective power concentrated in a compact size to weld any type of metal structure (Titanium included) with maximum precision. Integrated cooling circuit. “Plug & Play” installation system, easy and fast. Immediately ready to use. Compact dimensions: suitable to be installed on any laboratory bench. High strength and reliability, minmal maintenance.

  • Prisma


    Optimized for the Jewellery lab needs

    150 J of fast, real, fully effective power

    Multiple machine controls

    Digital Connection System for Remote self-diagnostic
    Digital Magnification System 15” screen for internal camera monitoring

    Automatic Stand-By
    Local Automatic Diagnostics
    Detection and warning of working anomalies on display
    Remote Diagnostics
    Detection of anomalies in direct connection with MANFREDI tech support

    Zoom vision

    50 customized programs

    Argon gas supply

  • Camera + Video LCD

    Camera + Video LCD cod. ACCTEL20

  • Fili saldatura

    Filo per saldature a laser in lega di Cromo-Cobalto o Titanio, ottimizzati per una eccellente adesione con materiali ceramici dentali.
    Bobine da 2 mt.

    CRCO WIRE 025 cod. 72000025
    CRCO WIRE 035 cod. 72000035
    CRCO WIRE 050 cod. 72000005
    TI WIRE 025 cod. 72050025
    TI WIRE 035 cod. 72050035
    TI WIRE 050 cod. 72050005