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  • Smallcast

    Technically equivalent to Millennium, Smallcast represents the best synthesis of casting power with compact sizes, with the possibility of choosing the most suitable installation system depending on each dental laboratory needs.

    Smallcast can be equipped with an external cooling system or can be directly connected to the water supply of the laboratory.

  • Millennium

    Millennium is the synthesis of 60 years experience in the induction microcasting sector.

    Expressly designed for precious and non-precious alloys casting in atmosphere, Millennium enables very reduced casting times (30 gr Cr-Co in 60 secs.only !!) and heavy duty working loads thanks to the solid-state generator type EBST (Electronic Board Selected Tolerance – available only in the “HD” versions) granting up to 40 continuous castings.

  • Vulcano

    VULCANO is the next-level induction casting machine that you can move to any space within the lab.

    - In-built cooling
    - automatic actuator
    - easy selection
    - completely standalon - plug-and-play
    - tabletop machine

    The spin and motor rotation speed adjust- ment is performed by a microprocessor thus providing a correct molten metal injection. The centrifugal arm, perfectly balanced, is extre- mely silent and without vibrations. Thanks to the adjustable cylinder holder it is possible to use any type of metal or free expansion casting ring. The low electrical input (2,8 KW only) and the high per- formance allow the operator to work with maxi- mum safety and energy saving.