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DENTECH CHINA the exhibition in Shanghai about dentistry technology industry

DENTECH CHINA, the exhibition held in Shanghai annually around late October, is the “closing” event of the year for the dentistry technology industry in China, after the other two major professional trade shows: Dental South China in Guangzhou in early spring, and Sinodent Beijing towards summer.

REDDISH STONE – MANFREDI was present in the impressive fairgrounds built in the former Expo Shanghai 2010 area, with the collaboration of our dealers over the Chinese territory.

As always happens in China, the exhibition has been attended by an unbelievable crowd: larger, faster and – alas – louder than anywhere else in the world.

The final attendance has been estimated around 115000 visitors, a successful result even by Shanghai’s annual standards.

For us, an always entertaining challenge in the most competitive market and an occasion to meet professional acquaintances from all over the world and to create unexpected business occasions that would be impossible anywhere else.


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