Continuous 5 Axis / WET & DRY

Workable Materials: CoCr, Titanium, Zirconia, Wax, PMMA, Composite resin, PEEK, Gypsum, Fiberglass

Automatic tool changer - 10 tools housed 

High precision Linear axis on rail with HIWIN recirculating ball guides  

Monobloc frame for a Very steady milling session. 

3-Color LED Status indicator: Working / Blank insertion / Alarm / End of working Cycle  

Instruments drawer 

Warranty and after-sales Helpline Support. 

Designed and Manufactured 100% in Italy by Manfredi and Santa Barbara Meccanica

Professional and powerful, fast and precise, the INTEGRA machine is the compact solution for the needs of any lab. WET & DRY, INTEGRA finally provides an affordable option for CoCr and Titanium milling, while being the perfect everyday machine for zirconia and softer materials.

Specific References

Blank Holder for standard discs Ø 98.5 mm  (Step H 10mm , max thickness 60 mm) On request any other holder shape and angle
 Size  W630 × D820 (920) × H600 mm
Axes speed  0-5000 mm/min
 Spindle speed 60.000 rpm
Axis range  X 160 – Y 160 – Z 120 mm
 Rotating Axis  B ± 360° A ± 30°, with tempered and rectified gears, zero backlash
Tool shank  4 mm
 Tool Length  20 to 55 mm Automatic tool change 10 positions
Power  AC 100 – 240 V
 Interface  USB/ethernet
Operating System  Windows® 10 (32 o 64 bit)
 Motors for Axes XYZA  2Nm
Weight  90 kg
 Motor for Axis B  0.68Nm
Water jet