A PROFESSIONAL MACHINE with the highest technical specs in the market: powerful, fast and extremely precise. Wet and dry, from Wax to Titanium, with a wide in-built screen and large working chamber, suitable for the most demanding job, sturdy and vibration-free.

Specific References

Total outer size  630 mm (W) x 680mm (D) x 820mm(H)
 Total machine weight  200 kg
Axis Travel length  X 160mm, Y 100mm, Z 80mm
 Rotation A +30°-115° B = +-360°
Chamber size  400 x 500 x 600 mm
 Brushless Motors  Power on single axis: X, Y, Z, A 400W. Axis B 200W. Axis A and Y with brake. Equipped with 2500 PPR encoder. Voltage from 36 Vdc (100 and 200W) to 60. Vdc (200 and 400W). IP Rating: IP 65. Nominal speed 3000 rpm
ATC (Automatic Tool Changer with tool length sensor and tool failure detection)  14 positions. Shank diameter 3mm
 Presetting of automatic tool  Tool size tolerance ± 0,001 mm (1 μ). Tool length 35 – 55 mm
Spindle: 0 to 60.000 rpm (high frequency electro-spindle)  Asynchronous motor. Power S1/100%:0.46KW S6/60%:0,63KW. Pmax/5 sec 0,97KW. Tool housing clamp diameter 3 mm. Automatic Spindle pressurization 1.7 bar.Tool locking adjustment
 Rotation angles with high precision Spiral. Bevel gearbox, 0 backlash  Axis range A = +30°-115° B = 360°(continuous)
Linear axis on rail with recirculating ball guides  with millesimal fineness relocation, pre-loaded millesimal accuracy balls
 Blanks Ø  98 mm including border
Touch Screen control panel  15.6″w LCD
 PC Windows 10  Desktop x5-Z8350 Intel Atom 2GB/32GB 1000M/LAN 2.4/5.8G WiFi
Bluetooth 4.0 with HDMI & VGA Support Dual Screen Display
Keyboard/ WiFi touch mouse
USB Interface
Ethernet Interface
Automatic air-jet
Chippings collector tray
CNC sbm 6 axes