Kuaimill 4



Fully open, STL-based system

Sistema completamente open, standard STL

Accepts data from any CAD software type

Intuitive and responsive User Interface

“Drops” and “FullBridgeConnector” functions

Model to model fixing option using the “Connector” function

Simulation option

Aluminum casting base

Milling types Dry, simultaneous 4 axes
Dry machinable materials Zirconium, PMMA, Wax, Composite, Gypsum
Blanks Open type (Ø98,5 with shoulder); Zirkonzahn; Amann Girrbach and multi-block
User interface Built-in CNC control Touch screen 8”
Real accuracy <0.015 mm
Spindle speed max. 60,000/min
Spindle torque 4 Ncm
Tool shank diameter Ø 3 mm
Compressed air connection Ø 8 mm
Compressed air requirements clean, dry, 6 bar, max. 50 l/min
Magazine up to 8 tools
Size (W x H x D) 560 x 585 x 600 mm
Weight approx. 70 kg
Maximum power consumption 450 W (+ suction unit ~1500 W)

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