The history of MANFREDI overlies and greatly influences the history of Italian and European dentistry technology. It all started in 1934 


Tino Manfredi built the first arc welder for the brazing of stainless steel, only alternative to gold in those days. He soon started the production of pre-heating furnaces and, one by one, all necessary equipment for the dental laboratory. The company S.A.E.D. was born, steadily developing until WWII.

1946 – 1956

The reconstruction years meant an exponential growth for the Italian dentistry sector, and S.A.E.D. thrived, also thanks to the introduction of the removable partial denture. In these years, S.A.E.D. R&D was dedicated to solving the intrinsic issues of Chrome-Cobalt casting.

1957 – 1977

S.A.E.D. introduces the first Induction Casting Machine: the Multihertz Senior. This first model was followed by many others, as regular milestones of the following 60 years: Junior, Stellor, Duocast, Century, Ally, Aurum, Neutrodyn, Neutor, all the way to the current Millennium and Smallcast – and the upcoming new standalone machine.

1978 – 1997

S.A.E.D. changes its name to MANFREDI Brothers. The 80’s consolidate the company name worldwide, while the R&D develop the simple and effective system to realize a Titanium denture EASYTI SYSTEM, a technology patented in 1992 that revolutionized lab practice for many years to come.

1997 – 2014 

MANFREDI has been one of the first European dentistry companies to be TÜV certified ISO9001, since 1997. Along the years MANFREDI rose to be a protagonist in other sectors, as industrial micro-fusion, and most of all Jewellery. 

2014 – Present Day

In 2014 MANFREDI joins forces with REDDISH STONE, one of the worldwide leading companies for the production of silicone and elastomer-bound abrasives, polishers and fiberglass cutters, based on proprietary formulas. Reddish Stone brings its own long history to the plate – the company was born in 1965: and by putting together over a century of manufacturing experience the company becomes an ideal one-stop provider, capable of satisfying all the needs of a hi-tech laboratory. 

The incessant research and adoption of new technologies delivers a complete range of machines: from casting to laser welding to the latest 5 axis digital CAD/CAM system, and all the finishing products related.

The Manfredi and Reddish Stone brands are synonyms of product quality and reliability all over the world.