Acrydig 6-12


Entirely manufactured in stainless steel
Intuitive programming
Water level sensor
Easy water drain

ACRYDIG polymerizing units are completely built in stainless steel to guarantee a longlasting life. The special design of the closing lid avoids any dispersion of steam or condensate dripping, thus ensuring the polymerization cycle in a steam saturated atmosphere. The wide opening and the adequate dimensions of the polymerization tank allow a rational accomodation of the flasks. The electronic board controls one-step or two-step polymerization cycles, a pre-start setting, the automatic switch off at the end of the cycle and constantly shows the cycle progress.

These parameters allow a controlled polymerization process with natural cooling, thus avoiding any micro-fracture of the resin, usually caused by a sudden cooling. Acrydig is also equipped with water tap on the side, to quickly drain the polymerization chamber. The heating cycle safety is ensured by a sensor, constantly checking the presence of water inside the chamber; in case the level is too low, the system automatically interrupts the heating.

ACRYDIG is available in two versions, depending on the capacity: 6 or 12 clamped flasks.

  • ACRYDIG 12 230V.M.50/60HZ cod. AD134
  • ACRYDIG 12 v2.0 110V.M.50/60HZ cod. AD131
  • ACRYDIG 6 v2.0 230V.M.50/60HZ cod. AD074
  • ACRYDIG 6 v2.0 110V.M.50/60HZ cod. AD071

Specific References

Acrydig 6
Power (W) 1100
Chamber width (cm) 15
Chamber depth (cm) 31
Chamber useful height (cm) 26
Capacity 6-10 flasks
External width (cm) 19
External depth (cm) 42
External height (cm) 38
Net/Gross weight (kg) 8/9
Acrydig 12
Power (W) 1400
Chamber width (cm) 26
Chamber depth (cm) 31
Chamber useful height (cm) 26
Capacity 10-18 flasks
External width (cm) 30
External depth (cm) 42
rnal height (cm) 38
Net/Gross weight (kg) 10/11