Choice between manual and automatic cycle

 Programmable automatic cycle from 2 to 30 minutes

 Programmable reversal of the basket direction of rotation

 Extractable basket with magnetic connection

 High capacity basket (up to 12 frameworks)

 Fully programmable sand blasting cycle with digital control

 Anti-scratch and sand-proof control keyboard

 High resistance tempered glass with magnetic closure

 Display with indication of the remaining working time

 Cold light led lighting

 Efficient suction system with 3 points of intervention

 Delayed suction interruption

 Active safety: immediate sand blasting stopping and basket rotation stopping upon cover opening

 High capacity: up to 8kg abrasive

Combined micro sandblasting system. SABLOMATIC combines one automatic suction unit with the possibility of sandblasting manually, and finishing by coupling different abrasives.

Specific References

Max. consumption (W) 50
Width(cm)  45 /47 w/blocco di aspirazione
Depth (cm)  43
 Height(cm)  58,5
Net weight (kg)  26
 Power (V)  230 V 50/60 Hz